How to Medicate a Cat

Giving pills to cats can be challenging even for skilled veterinary professionals. At Family Mobile Vet we will make every effort to select appropriate medications that can be easily delivered as a one time dose on board, topically, or as a flavored liquid (unless your cat actually prefers pills), however sometimes it is necessary to prescribe medication in tablet or capsule form.

The easiest way to give a pill is in a small treat such as yogurt, cream cheese or in a Pill Pocket. Be sure that you offer the treat prior to offering food so that your cat is more motivated to accept the treat. Offering only a small amount of the treat is best so that you can monitor to be sure it was consumed. Be sure to watch your kitty for a short time afterwards to be sure they do not spit it out.

If your cat spits out the pill, has dietary restrictions, or just won’t accept the treat, you will need to administer the medication directly into the cat’s mouth. We have several tips as this can be challenging with some cats.