At Home Visits are $143 (which includes the travel fee and initial exam). Additional services can be added at the time of the visit. You can purchase member packages for all recommended routine wellness care at a substantial discount. Additional wellness packages purchased at the same visit are discounted $100 each. We take Care Credit and support “no interest” over 12 month payment plans for these services. Wellness members receive discounted follow up visits when needed, as well as text and email communications throughout the year with Dr. Smith.

Mobile Vet Service Explained:

Many people have questions about the costs of mobile veterinary services. Some people assume the costs are going to be a lot higher than a brick and mortar practice and others think costs will be very low, or similar to a vaccination clinic.

For us, the truth is in between; costs after travel and exam are actually very similar to local stationary veterinary establishments. However, the exam combined with travel fee will likely be more expensive than if you were to take your pet to the veterinarian. The added convenience, decreased stress and more personal relationship with a single doctor may however make calling a mobile practice to your home a good fit for you and your pets. At FMVC our policy is that we are always up front and transparent with all costs.

As a mobile service, we can see far fewer appointments in a day as compared with a traditional veterinary clinic – so our time is valued accordingly. We feel there is a lot of value for clients (as well as personal and professional satisfaction for us) in having closer relationships with a smaller clientele. We are, in many ways, a concierge veterinary service. When we travel to a home or neighborhood – those pets are getting our undivided attention for the duration of the visit. At traditional practices, doctors will usually have several patients under their care at a time.

Our overhead for mobile practice is less than for a brick and mortar establishment, but is higher than house call service. We come to you with a 26’ mobile veterinary clinic, enabling us to safely provide additional services such as dentistry, that would not otherwise be available outside of a stationary veterinary practice. Dr. Smith works together with a registered veterinary technician.

Unlike a stationary practice, mobile clinics do not appreciate over time, or leave anything useful to sell for the veterinarian when approaching retirement – as a traditional practice would. (In fact, it is quite the opposite; a brick and mortar practice will usually appreciate, our clinic will depreciate over time). Cost of our services must include enough profit to take these factors into account.

Additional “costs” of doing business for a mobile practice owner, however, are balanced, with lower up front business costs to become established, and less ongoing overhead. We have less staff and no real estate when compared to other practices. At FMVC we feel our prices fairly reflect the value we give our clients and patients for the special services we offer.

All of our patients receive a complete start up examination and on-boarding with our clinic. We are thorough and efficient. We encourage you to include all of your pets for on-boarding at the initial visit – in order to mitigate travel costs and increase efficiency of calling a mobile veterinarian to your home. We pass the cost efficiency savings on to you – in the form of discounts for additional pet examinations performed at the same visit. Multiple pet discounts are applied to all pets seen at the same visit – regardless of whether they belong to the same household. Feel free to share the travel costs with friends, family and neighbors that wish to join in!